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Saugus Pets  Lost & Found  Page

If you have lost or found a pet, please e-mail the information 
to us at
and it will be published on this page within 24 hours.
Notices will be posted for 60 days. 

* * * Please send UPDATES on lost or found pets. * * *

Please let us know if a lost pet is found,
or if a found pet has been re-united with its owners.
We love happy endings! 


* * * NOTICE * * *

The coyote population in Saugus is growing. 
To be safe, please keep your cats indoors after 5:00 pm

Information on the
Eastern Coyote
MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife


January 15, 2018
Missing Cat
My cat "Isley" has been missing for 3 days.  He’s a small cat.
He's one year old.  He is wearing a shiny red collar.   
We live on Main Street near Vine Street in Saugus. 
If you see him, please call Jessica (857) 266-6875.
Thank you.


Lost Cat
Boo has been gone since Friday September 22, 2017
from 25 Greystone Road, Saugus   
He is microchipped
Please call (781) 760-2441 or (617) 719-1698


Found Cat
The cat pictured below has been a frequent visitor to homes on Lincoln Avenue
between Morton Avenue and Nason Road.  He has a collar on and is very friendly.
He is dark gray with a white bib and white paws.
If you know where he lives, please e-mail
so he can be reunited with his family.


Hi,  Just wanted to give you an update –
Ginger was found Friday night and is home safe and sound injury free.

October 5, 2017
Ginger is an orange short haired cat.  She is typically shy and may be very scared.
She is microchipped and weighs approximately 12 pounds.
We live in the Sherwood Forest condo complex.   
Ginger is an indoor-only cat. Somehow she got out of the house.
She was last seen early morning on Monday October 2
Please call or text with the cat’s sighting location to (617) 312-2169
Thank you!  
Michele Iacopino


July 17, 2017
We ended up calling Paws Rescue and they picked up the cat.

June 28, 2017 8:07 AM
Lost cat?

This cat has been hanging around Central St. & E. Denver St. since June 26, 2017. 
The cat is very friendly and seems like an indoor cat. 
The belly has been shaved, maybe due to some recent surgery?   
Contact me at
  if someone recognizes it. 
It has been staying near my house consistently for last 3 days.

Thomas S. Rogers
Asst. Chief Operator, Amesbury Water Dept.
(978) 388-0853


May 25, 2017
Miss Kitty returned 7 days later, unharmed.
She is now safe and happy at home!

Lost Cat 5/16/2107
Miss Kitty has been lost since Saturday May 13. 
She is a black cat with green eyes and long hair. 
She is almost a year old.  She is wearing a pink collar with a bell. 
Please notify us right away if you have seen Miss Kitty. 
Call  Angela  (781) 853-9106  or   Jeff  (781) 521-2097


April 3, 2017

Penny has been found!   She is back with her family.

March 18, 2017
Lost Cat
Hello, we lost our female cat yesterday.  Her name is Penny.
She is an indoor cat and accidentally got out.
She is a year and a half old.
Please contact



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