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HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN at Saugus Public LIbrary
June 26, 2018 (6:00 pm)

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Saugus We Care was formed to address the troubling rash of recent drug-related deaths
-- each of them senseless and preventable.

Bringing together concerned peers, the group aims to encourage
assist those in need; and end the cycle of crisis.


Contact Alison Riley  


From a Grateful Recipient of Assistance from Saugus We Care

Thank you to Saugus We Care
It’s Nice to Know People DO Care! 

When times were tough and I didn’t know what to do, I found an amazing group
of people to help me.  They are called ‘Saugus We Care’.  They really stepped
up to help my family at a difficult time in my life.  I recently lost my job and my
unemployment ended in December 2013. They were amazing.  Santa and his
helpers came to my house with a bag of presents for my family.   I was
overwhelmed with joy.   I couldn’t believe that these strangers cared enough to
help my family celebrate Christmas.   They also helped me pay my rent so my
boys and I wouldn’t be out in the cold with nowhere to go.  Saugus We Care is
an amazing group of people who care about others.  They are kind hearted
people with a good spirit about life.  I never met such a great bunch of people.  
I just want to thank Allison, Suzanne, Dan, Santa, and everyone else involved
in this great organization from the bottom of my heart for all the help you have
given my family and I’m glad to have some new friends for life.  I don’t know
how I will repay you for all your help, but if you need some help with any
fundraisers or events, please call me.  Thank you again for everything.  
There should be more organizations in Saugus to help people in need. 
It’s nice to know people do care and you’re not alone. 


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