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Harborlight Show Chorus Rehearsal
May 27, 2015 (7:00 pm)

SHS Alumni Scholarship Night
May 27, 2015 (8:00 pm)

SHS Football Team CAR WASH
May 30, 2015 (9:00 am)

Saugus Lions Club Music & Comedy Fundraiser
May 30, 2015 (7:00 pm)

Saugus Booster Club Athletic Awards
June 1, 2015 (6:00 pm)

Transition to Kindergarten
June 3, 2015 (3:00 pm)

Harborlight Show Chorus Rehearsal
June 3, 2015 (7:00 pm)

Belmonte Middle School Band Concert
June 3, 2015 (7:00 pm)

SHS Class of 2015 Graduation
June 5, 2015 (6:00 pm)

1st Congregational Church Friday Night (En)Lights
June 5, 2015 (6:30 pm)

Take a Kid Fishing Day
June 6, 2015 (8:00 am)

Rumney Marsh Toastmasters on Tour
June 8, 2015 (7:00 pm)

Harborlight Show Chorus Rehearsal
June 10, 2015 (7:00 pm)

Saugus Public Library presents A Samurai Tale
June 11, 2015 (4:00 pm)

SHS Class of 1990 Reunion Celebration
June 13, 2015 (7:30 pm)

Harborlight Show Chorus Rehearsal
June 17, 2015 (7:00 pm)

Rumney Marsh Toastmasters on Tour
June 22, 2015 (7:00 pm)

Rumney Marsh Toastmasters on Tour
July 6, 2015 (7:00 pm)

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Saugus Veterans Council

The Saugus Veterans Council is comprised of all veterans living in the Town of Saugus
or members of any veterans organizations chartered in Saugus.

We are responsible for the parades on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day as well as
annual ceremonies for POW / MIA, Flag Day, etc.


Monthly Meetings
on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm
at the Saugus American Legion Post 210
44 Taylor Street in Saugus

Membership is free and all veterans are encouraged to attend.

Commander, Steve Castinetti    (781) 389 - 3678 

Executive  Officer, Paul Allan    (781) 718-9784
Chaplain, Pastor Bob Leroe      (781) 558-1088

 Admin Officer, Steve Rappa                            Operations Officer, Arthur Grabowski

Public Affairs Officer, Rich Garabedian                              Adjutant, Lauren Alukonis

Recording Secretary, Jack Klecker                           Finance Officer, Frank Manning

Graves Registration Officer, Randy Briand          Food Service Officer, John Cannon

Logistics Officer, Rick Fail                                        Transportation Officer, Bill Diotte

Commander VFW, Ron Benevento   (781) 233 - 6183

Commander American Legion, Frank Manning  (781) 233 - 8154

Commander DAV, Charlie Dimare   

Veterans Service Officer, Alicia Reddin    (781) 231 - 4010  

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2015 Memorial Day Parade

Saturday  May 23, 2015

“Steps Off” at 9:30 am sharp

This year’s parade route will be the traditional route:

 Jackson St. to Lincoln Ave.
 Lincoln Ave. to Central St.
 Central St. to Winter St.
 Winter St. to Riverside Cemetery
 (Special Ceremony at the Veterans Burial Lot)
 Riverside Cemetery to Winter St.
 Winter St. to Central St.
 Central St. to Saugus Center
  Memorial Service at Town Hall

Special Tribute by the “Singing Trooper”, Sgt. Daniel M. Clark –
our very own inspirational and uplifting entertainer will be on hand
for our Memorial Day Ceremonies.

This year’s Master of Ceremonies is Capt. Stephen Castinetti, USN (ret.)

So, come out and join us for this year’s Memorial Day Parade.
With you, this parade will be bigger and better than ever.
Join us, and together, we’ll show what it means to be an American patriot,
proud of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us all.

click here to view / print the 2015 Memorial Day Parade Program (available soon) 


The American Legion Friday Breakfast

from 0800 hours to 0930 hours

All Veterans and their invited guests are welcome.
Hope to see all the old faces along with many new faces.
Mark your calendars!


Click here to view / print the Menu  


Saugus Veterans Services 

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