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CREATURE FEATURE at Pearce Lake Breakheart Reservation
August 18, 2018 (4:00 pm)

August 19, 2018 (4:00 pm)

August 20, 2018 (9:30 am)

August 20, 2018 (3:30 pm)

August 21, 2018 (7:00 am)

September 8, 2018 (10:00 am)

SHS Class of 1963 - 55th Class Reunion
September 8, 2018 (4:00 pm)

September 15, 2018 (6:00 pm)

SHS Class of 1978 - 40th Class Reunion
September 21, 2018 (6:00 pm)

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World Series Park

25 Dow Street, Saugus, MA  01906

(located to the left rear of Belmonte Middle School)

World Series Park is managed and maintained by World Series Park Committee, a 501(c)(3)
non-profit, charitable
organization, made up entirely of volunteers. 
The park is completely
self-sufficient and relies on donations from individuals and businesses.

Directions to World Series Park
Route 1 to Main Street, Saugus (East) Exit
Main Street turn right onto Vine Street at traffic light.
Turn left onto Talbot Street at 4 way intersection.
Turn right onto Denver Street. Around sharp curve to left.
Turn right onto Dow Street.
The field is at the left rear of the Belmonte Middle School
at 25 Dow Street, Saugus, MA 01906


2018 marks the 14th season for World Series Park
The park was built in the summer of 2004 to create another big-league size field for
playing baseball in Saugus.  With the support of Saugus businesses and the community
at large funds were raised to build the field.  Since then a lot of improvements have been
made that include dugouts, a batting cage, a playground, a pavilion, a state-of-the-art
security system, a new infield, and a clubhouse with snack bar, restrooms, a press box,
and equipment storage.  All have been made possible by financial donations and the
generous donations of time and workmanship.  
The 1st season of games played was 2005. 

Since it was built in 2004 by World Series Park Committee, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit,
charitable organization, the park has prospered.  Over 250 games are played every
season at the park.  Those teams who play games on the field are Saugus High
varsity and freshmen, Saugus Babe Ruth, Saugus Wings AAU, college & adult leagues. 
From early April through sometimes into November the park has a very busy schedule.               

World Series Park hosted Special Olympics for 6 years, TargetCancer fundraiser for 2 years,
several other fundraisers, a vigil and most recently, a Veterans/Military Appreciation Day. 
The park has also hosted many baseball tournaments including several Babe Ruth district
tournaments & 2 Babe Ruth state tournaments as well as the Annual Saugus Alumni Game.

In 2015 WSP helped raise funds for and supervised the building of the adjacent
softball field currently used by Saugus Softball Little League and Saugus High.

Bob Davis, superintendent of World Series Park said “It’s hard to believe we’ll start our
14th season this year.  We’ve come a long way since the first scoop of dirt was dug as we
broke ground in June of 2004.  We believe we’ve made a contribution to keeping baseball
alive in Saugus and have given the youth of Saugus more opportunity to play baseball. 
We sure appreciate all the support we’ve thus far received.  We’re hoping for an early
spring thaw so that we can ‘play ball.’”

Donations for our 2018 fundraiser, The Wall of Fame, are still being received.
Donations will be accepted all Summer right through the 2018 Season.

For a minimum donation of $100 you can get your name on a building plaque. 
Donations made out to World Series Park should be sent to:
8 Holden Ave. Saugus, MA 01906 

For more information please
contact Bob Davis  (781) 233 - 4555


"Wall of Fame" will be a new addition to World Series Park
to honor the generous donors who support WSP
As a result of requests to donate to World Series Park, a “Wall of Fame”
will be erected on the building.  This will be a permanent plaque that will list
the names of people who make a minimum donation of $100.  Donations may
be made in honor of others or in memory of past loved ones.  

Since World Series Park is a publicly supported facility, it seems appropriate
to honor individuals, businesses, and organizations that are willing to offer their
support to help to continue to provide a first-class place to play baseball in Saugus.   

“Recently we’ve had several requests from people, saying they’d like to make a
donation to the park” said Bob Davis, superintendent of World Series Park. 
“In light of the August 2017 vandalism necessitating the need for a new, costly
security system and the complete renovation of the infield, we’ve had to expend
a great deal of funds.  We, therefore, would certainly appreciate any donations that
will help to maintain and improve the park.  The Wall of Fame will provide a way to
show our appreciation to the very generous people who support World Series Park
by listing their names on a 4' X 8' plaque located on the field side of the building.    

World Series Park is very appreciative of the financial support and donations of
workmanship people have been willing to give for past projects.  Initially building
the park, building the dugouts, building the batting cage, building the Tot Park, the
building, and the pavilion were all made possible by some very generous people.

Donations to World Series Park for inclusion on the Wall of Fame should be sent to:
World Series Park, 8 Holden Avenue, Saugus, MA 01906 
Checks should be made payable to:  
World Series Park

Donations can also be made through the General Electric Matching Gifts Program. 
For any questions, please contact Bob Davis at (781) 233-4555

The World Series Park Committee is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization.
Donations are tax-exempt.       


New infield dedicated at World Series Park

A new infield was recently built at World Series Park. 
Sports Turf Specialties of Wrentham worked for about a week reconstructing the infield,
bringing it back to major league specifications.  This will create a perfect infield to start
the 2018 baseball season.
Park superintendent Bob Davis said:  “After 13 seasons it was time to rebuild the infield. 
The sand-based infield had sunk over the years.  This year seemed like the time to do it
since it was in need of repair and the fall is the perfect growing season.  We decided to
name the infield The Dorothy Amsden Infield at World Series Park to show appreciation
for Dorothy Amsden’s numerous donations over the years.  Dorothy is a very generous
person who truly believes in trying to make things better for the youth of Saugus.” 

The plaque recently placed at the park reads: 
‘The Dorothy Amsden Infield at World Series Park  The generosity of Dorothy Amsden
has made it possible to build this new infield in September 2017.”

At the recent unveiling of the plaque Dorothy said:  “This honor is uncanny.  I was always
very athletic during my youth.  I was the only girl who played baseball with the local kids
in our back field.  Now, at my age (?) it’s a great pleasure seeing the results at WSP
of what sharing can do.  This personal feeling of giving is also uncanny.  If you see
something you can do, just do it.  Thank you Bob.”


We encourage Saugus businesses to become
World Series Park Sponsors

World Series Park in Saugus depends on the support of Saugus businesses. 
Many Saugus businesses purchase advertising signs that are displayed on the outfield fence
each season.
  People who come to the park are encouraged to
support these businesses,
since without the support of these businesses the park wouldn’t be possible.

World Series Park hosts over 250 games each season.


World Series Park welcomes Freni Realty Associates to Saugus 
Freni Realty Associates recently purchased a sign for the 2018 season
and became a World Series Park sponsor. Freni Realty Associates recently
moved to Saugus from Malden where they’ve been in business for several years. 
They’re located in East Saugus at 163 Lincoln Ave.  Freni Realty Associate is an
independent real estate brokerage company that is committed to providing
outstanding service and value to buyers and sellers.  The Freni family believes in
serving the community by not only catering to people’s real estate needs but also
supporting causes that make Saugus a better place to live, like World Series Park
that provides a great facility for the youth of Saugus to play baseball. 










World Series Park welcomes Junkster Bags as a new sponsor 
Junkster Bags recently purchased a sign for the 2018 season.

Junkster Bags is a relatively new business in Saugus.  They provide large trash
containers in the shape of a large bag that people fill with what they want to get
rid of.  They pick up the bag and haul it away.  Junkster Bags also provides
clean-out services.  Junkster Bags is located on Route 1 South in the same
building as Gentle Dental.  Owner Leo Guarente believes in serving the community
by not only providing a way for people to get rid of their trash but also supporting
causes that make Saugus a better place to live, like World Series Park that
provides a great facility for the youth of Saugus to play baseball.

World Series Park superintendent Bob Davis says “We very much appreciate
Junkster Bags’ support and encourage people to try their disposal services.

We hope that other new and already established Saugus businesses will help us
by purchasing advertising signs and becoming one of our sponsors.  This kind of
support is what got us started and has kept us going over the last 14 years.  The

Saugus businesses that have helped us deserve a lot of credit for making the park
what it is today.  All sign are made by Sachem Signworks of Saugus.”


Eastern Bank donates to World Series Park
Eastern Bank recently made a donation to World Series Park for the 2018 season. 
Eastern Bank has been a supporter of the park since it was built in 2004.  Their
first donation was in 2004 for the dedication monument that is located at the park. 
They have continued to support World Series Park for the fourteen years it’s been
in existence.  They have repeatedly stepped up to help many fundraising efforts in town. 
Their donations to many Saugus organizations and events are numerous and include
supporting the Saugus Special Olympics Day for the nine years it was held.

Eastern Bank has two Saugus branches that provide full-service banking to the Saugus
community.  They have a total of 95 branches located in MA and NH.  Ten percent of
Eastern Bank’s profits are donated to the communities they serve in the form of financial
support for various charitable organizations.

Bob Davis of World Series Park said “We very much appreciate the ongoing support of
Eastern Bank over the years.  They truly care about the Saugus community and show it
by their generosity.  They, along with the many Saugus businesses that have supported
us over the years, make having a first-class baseball facility in town possible.” 


World Series Park welcomes Cerra’s Market to Saugus 
Cerra’s Market, a long time, family-owned business, is about to open on
Route 1 North on the site of the former Karl’s Sausage Kitchen.  Starting
this season they have willingly offered to be a World Series Park sponsor. 
Third generation owner Joe Cerra believes in serving the community by
not only catering to people’s food needs but also supporting causes that
make Saugus a better place to live, like World Series Park that provides
a great facility for the youth of Saugus to play baseball.

Cerra’s Market was formerly Lynnfield Meat & Deli and will offer the same
great products and service they’ve provided since 1952.   In addition to
fresh cold cuts, they are a butchery and offer a large variety of prepared
foods that includes pasta, pizza, and subs.
  Cerra’s also does catering.   

World Series Park superintendent Bob Davis says “We very much
appreciate the Cerra family’s support and we encourage people try their
delicious and reasonably priced foods.
 We hope that other new and
established Saugus businesses will help us by purchasing advertising
signs and making donations.
  This kind of support is what got us started
and has kept us going over the last 13 years.  Saugus businesses that
have helped us deserve a lot of credit for making the park what it is today.”


World Series Park welcomes Casa Vallarta as a sponsor 
Casa Vallarta, a family-owned restaurant, has been open on Route 1 North  next to
Jimmy’s Steer House for the past 9 months.  Starting this season they have willingly
offered to be one of the park’s sponsors.  Owner Jose Ramos believes in serving
the community by not only catering to people’s eating needs but also supporting
causes that make Saugus a better place to live, like World Series Park that provides
a great facility for Saugus youth to play baseball.

Casa Vallarta serves authentic Mexican food, offering an extensive menu of traditional
Mexican dishes at reasonable prices, a great dining atmosphere and a full service bar. 
In addition to their Saugus location, they also have restaurants in Falmouth,
Northborough, and Cumberland, Rhode Island.

WSP superintendent Bob Davis says “We very much appreciate Casa Vallarta’s
support and encourage people to try them for some great Mexican food. 
We hope that other new and already established Saugus businesses will
help us by purchasing advertising signs and making donations.  This kind of
support is what got us started and has kept us going over the last thirteen years. 
The Saugus businesses that have helped us deserve a lot of credit for making
the park what it is today.”


"Party Time" at World Series Park in Saugus
One August Friday night, approximately 30 young people, boys and girls, decided
to party at World Series Park.  They tore down a downspout, tried to force their way
into the building by kicking and 
 ramming two doors, broke glass liquor bottles in the
parking lot, strewed beer cans in the pavilion and the surrounding area, overturned
trash barrels, and broke into a dugout and onto the playing field.
  This happened
from 11:30 pm to 12:15 am.
  All of this was either found by park superintendent
Bob Davis on Saturday morning or shown on surveillance tape.
The tape has been
turned over to the Saugus Police
Department to help identify the people involved.

Bob Davis said “Viewing the tape made me sick to my stomach.  To have all the work
that’s been put into making World Series Park a first-class baseball facility disrespected
like this is disgusting.
  I just hope the police can identify those involved and prosecute them.”  
This kind of destructive activity affects and destroys good things that are happening in our
such as World Series Park that has become a showplace and provides a first-class
facility for the youth of Saugus to play baseball.
It’s ironic to see young people come
into the park and try to destroy what’s been created for them.”

If you have any information regarding this incident, please report it to the Saugus Police.


World Series Park hosted a Veterans / Military Appreciation Day
Saturday  September 16, 2017 
Bob Davis, superintendent of World Series Park said “The goal of this event
is to have the community come together to honor our veterans and active military. 
All veterans and active military are invited to attend.  They will be our special guests
and will be presented with Challenge Coins and be treated to food and drink. 
We’ve slightly changed the time schedule to accommodate all we want to do. 
We think this will be a fun, community event and we encourage all to attend.”

Barry Nolan, former co-host of Evening Magazine and host of Hard Copy
was the Master of Ceremonies & Host of the Veterans / Military Appreciation Day

Entertainment for children.  Booths, raffles, food & drinks for everyone to enjoy
A Commemorative Ceremony took place on the baseball field starting at 11:00 am

A torch lighting, a balloon release, and music.
A military vehicles display, a classic cars display, drill teams & marching units,
military reenactments and displays, a parade of motorcycles, and a large
American flag displayed from a fire ladder truck.

Invited to participate in the ceremony were federal, state and local officials,
military officials, the clergy, singers, and many more. 
The honored guest will be Captain Richard Kent, a Purple Heart recipient
who served in Afghanistan. 

Parachutists and the landing and display of a MA National Guard Army
Blackhawk helicopter highlighted the ceremony. 
Free American flags were distributed to everyone.

Other elements of the all-day event included: 

A ceremony to unveil and dedicate a POW/MIA stadium seat. 

The Annual Ceremony Honoring POWs and MIA's conducted by
the Saugus Veterans Council.


Entertainment provided by:
the Senior Tones, Tom Rosa & Company Singers - Amanda Rosa,
Ryan Murray, Patti Vellucci, and Tom Rosa 
Uncle Steve Band  - This popular New Hampshire band, formerly
from Massachusetts, play all over New England and perform

a large variety of music from folk to rock n’ roll 
Beat ConnXtion Dance Company

3:00 pm  -  Annual Saugus Alumni Baseball Game



Thank You to the many Saugus and out of town restaurants and businesses
who agreed to make food donations.

We also appreciate the support of the Saugus Veterans Council.

Event sponsored by Wheelabrator Saugus, the energy-from-waste company
that has
been part of the Saugus community since 1975.
Wheelabrator has been an ongoing contributor to numerous Saugus events & organizations
and is once again stepping up to support this community event.
We very much appreciate Wheelabrator’s sponsorship. 


World Series Park 2016 Season at an End
Final Baseball Game Saturday  November 12, 2016

After 250 games being played at World Series Park this season, the final game
will be played Saturday, November 12.  The New England Club Baseball Association
will play their championship game at 12:00 noon.  The game will be between the
University of NH and Brown University.  The public is invited.  FREE admission.


The NECBA is made up of teams from 22 colleges throughout New England. 
This is a fall program that includes playoffs and culminates with the championship game
being played at World Series Park in Saugus. 

Superintendent of World Series Park Bob Davis said
“We’re proud to host the NECBA Championship game for the 5th year. 
This is great baseball with quality, college-level players participating.”

The 2016 season, 250 game schedule included games for Saugus High varsity
and freshmen, Saugus Babe Ruth, Commonwealth Amateur Baseball League,
Saugus Wings, college club baseball, Babe Ruth District Tournament,
Babe Ruth State Tournament and two AAU tournaments.


The Eastern MA State Babe Ruth 13 Year Old All-Star Tournament 
was held at World Series Park in Saugus July 7 through July 14, 2016 

This was the fourth time World Series Park has hosted a state tournament. 
Teams competing in this tournament: 
Arlington, Lynn, Peabody, Revere and Saugus.

click here for the Tournament Games Schedule  

Opening ceremony on Friday, July 8
followed by the game between Saugus and Revere. 

The public was invited to attend all games free of charge.

Members of the Saugus team are:  Connor Ayers, Jason Casaletto, Doug Clark,
Jack Devereaux, Joey Dusablon, Zack Falasca, Owen Halley, Kyle Lonigro,
Mason Nickolas, Miles O’Brien, Travis Pagliarulo and Chandler Smith. 
The manager is Mike Mabee and the coaches are Joe Lowe and Rob Shields.


Wheelabrator Saugus offered to sponsor this tournament.  
The renewable energy company has been a longtime community partner,
repeatedly stepping up to assist with many fundraising efforts in town. 
Thanks to Wheelabrator’s sponsorship, there will be no admission charge,
as is usually customary with a state tournament.

Wheelabrator also donated T-shirts & hats to the players and coaches.


Babe Ruth District 1 Tournament
Thursday  June 23  through  Sunday July 3, 2016 
6 Babe Ruth teams from the North Shore area, including the
Saugus Babe Ruth 15 Year Old All-Star Team, competed in this
pool-play tournament - the winner will go on to the state tournament. 
Teams participating are:
Danvers, Peabody, Lynn, Swampscott/Nahant,  Marblehead, and Saugus.
Players selected for the Saugus team are: 
Ronnie Paolo, Anthony Cogliano, Louis Tretola, Sean Doherty, Jack DeSimone,
Dom Clark, Kyle Cocorochio, CJ Graffeo, John McLaughlin, Adam Rodrigues,
Grant Rust, Zack Sanderson, and Todd Tringale. 
Coaches are Anthony Cogliano, John Beliveau, and Charlie Graffeo


Saugus Business Partnership Donates to World Series Park

The Saugus Business Partnership recently made their annual donation to
World Series Park.  The Partnership originally donated the park flagpole
back in 2004 and has been a supporter of the park every year.

The Saugus Business Partnership was formed by several Saugus businesses
several years ago for the purpose of supporting the community.  They have
donated to many groups and causes over the years.  They believe that it’s
important for businesses to give back to the community they serve.

World Series Park superintendent Bob Davis said:  “We very much appreciate
the Partnership’s yearly donation and their support of all that we’ve done over
the years.  They’ve always been willing to donate to the various fundraising
activities we’ve organized such as Special Olympics and TargetCancer. 
They never say no.”

Weather permitting, the 2016 season will start the first week of April with
Saugus High games followed by Saugus Wings and Saugus Babe Ruth games.
Last season World Series Park hosted over 200 games that included the
State Babe Ruth Tournament, several AAU tournaments, as well as adult
tournaments and a college tournament.


February 2016
Wells Fargo Donates Scoreboard to New Softball Field
Wells Fargo recently donated a scoreboard to the new softball field that was built
last year at the Belmonte Middle School.   The fully electronic scoreboard will greatly
add to the new field for games in the upcoming season which will commence in April. 

The new field, that was completed last May, is the home field for Saugus Softball
Little League that involves hundreds of Saugus girls from 4 to 16 years of age.  
This new field has and will provide more opportunity for the playing of softball in
Saugus and will help to grow Saugus Softball.
Chris Jones, president of Saugus Softball Little League, said:  “We very much
appreciate the generosity of Wells Fargo for stepping up to donate our beautiful and
much needed scoreboard.  Wells Fargo truly cares about supporting the youth in our
community.”   Wells Fargo is an American multinational banking and financial
services holding company.  It is the third largest bank in the United States. 
They offer consumer banking, corporate banking, online banking, credit cards,
finance and insurance, foreign currency exchange, investment banking, mortgage
loans, private banking, private equity and wealth management.

The field was built completely with private donations: financial, labor and materials. 
More funds are needed to make the field a complete entity.

Individuals, businesses and organizations who would like to donate to this worthwhile
project are asked to make checks payable to Saugus Softball Little League
and send to Saugus Softball, P.O. Box 903, Saugus, MA 01906. 
All donations will be acknowledged at Opening Day in April.


After many months of planning, fundraising, and construction, the new Saugus
softball field located at the Belmonte Middle School celebrated its opening on
Sunday, May 3 with a dedication ceremony honoring all those who donated to
the building of the new field.  Three games were played following the ceremony.

Four players from Saugus Softball read the of names of all who made donations
and two players unveiled the dedication plaque that lists the major donors.

Fundraising will continue in order to make improvements to the field.  
Individuals, businesses and organizations who would like to donate, are
asked to make checks payable to:  Saugus Softball Little League and send to:
Saugus Softball Little League, P.O. Box 903, Saugus, MA 01906   


2015 Season

On Labor Day Weekend World Series Park hosted
Coaches vs. Cancer Tournament / CABL Classic
Saturday September 5  &  Sunday September 6

Sponsored by the
Commonwealth Amateur Baseball League. 
Teams from the CABL played in the tournament. 
The Coaches vs. Cancer program is a nationwide collaboration between
the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches
resulting from cancer touching so many of our nation’s coaches. 
Baseball has now become involved to raise funds for cancer research and help
to raise a public awareness of cancer prevention, early detection and making
healthy lifestyle choices.  Funds raised will go to the American Cancer Society. 


Fifth Annual Saugus Alumni Baseball Game
Saturday September 19, 2015
at World Series Park in Saugus

This is one of the many events that were part of the Saugus 200th Anniversary Celebration. 
Teams were made up of former Saugus baseball players.
Player contact was Mark Mitchell (781) 858-5048

The announcer was former, long-time Saugus High baseball coach Patrick Petrone. 
The ceremonial first-pitch was thrown out by former Saugus High player Jim Blunt
from the Class of 1949.  The National Anthem was sung by Kim Tobey of Saugus.

As someone who’s attended past Alumni Games said “It’s like a big reunion.”
It’s a chance to renew old acquaintances and watch former Saugus baseball players
play the game again.  There was food, raffles, special player introductions, & more.

Sponsored by the Saugus Diamond Club whose members are former Saugus
baseball players and people who support the future of baseball in Saugus.
This is a fundraiser for Saugus baseball. 


Saugus World Series Park Hosted
2015 Eastern Massachusetts State Babe Ruth Tournament

Tuesday July 14 - Sunday July 19

Competing in the pool-play tournament were the Winning teams from Eastern MA
district & sectional tournaments, and the Saugus Babe Ruth 15-Year-Old All-Star Team.

Teams competing were:  Arlington, Belmont, Lynn, Newton and Saugus. 

The Saugus All-Star Team won the District 1 Tournament in Lynn, going undefeated.



Teams playing at WSP in 2015 are:

Saugus High School
(all home games for varsity and freshmen)

Saugus Babe Ruth

Saugus Wings

Saugus American Legion

Commonwealth Amateur Baseball League

New England Club Baseball Association

Highlights of the 2015 season include:

Hosting the 15 Year Old State Babe Ruth
Tournament for the 3rd time
July 14 - 19

Fifth Annual Saugus Alumni Baseball Game
September 19 at 4:00 pm

New England Elite Baseball League Tournament (AAU)
in Late July

New England Club Baseball Association (college)
semi-finals and finals in October


April 18, 2012
Dedication ceremony for new pavilion at World Series Park


The 20' X 40' pavilion was built by volunteers during the winter months.  It's a great addition
to the park, providing shelter and a place to sit, eat, and enjoy baseball games.
Many thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen!



WSP "Let There Be Light!" Fundraising Project
World Series Park has kicked off a five-year
fundraising project to purchase lights for the ballpark. 
 Lights would provide the ability to have night games, would mean never having to call a game because
of darkness, daytime rain-outs could be rescheduled at night, provide the ability to play more games
and there would be more flexibility regarding the use of the field.  Parents who work during the day
could see there son or daughter play at night. 
The fundraising goal is a quarter of a million dollars,
which at last estimate would be the cost for a lighting system.  Donations are being accepted. 
Donations of $100 or more will entitle the donor’s name to be included on a permanent plaque. 
Donations can be made in memory of an individual. 
Please send donations to:  World Series Park, 8 Holden Ave., Saugus, MA 01906 
Checks should be made payable to World Series Park
A great way to donate is through the General Electric Matching Gifts Foundation. 
Any GE employee, retiree or spouse of a deceased retiree can qualify for
GE to match the amount of the donation. 

For information about this or any questions about the lighting fundraiser,
please contact Bob Davis at (781) 233 - 4555

World Series Park "Says it with Flowers"
New addition to World Series Park this season -  a flower bed in the shape of a baseball 


World Series Park Memorial Building Dedicated on May 9, 2009


The New Tot Park at World Series Park


. . . . . . . . . And the man who made it happen.

Bob Davis

A dedication ceremony for the recently completed Tot Park was held Monday, July 23, 2007 at
World Series Park to publicly thank the
46 donors who helped make the Tot Park a reality.

Bob Davis, the man behind the plan for the park,
awarded a framed picture of the dedication plaque
each of the donors, while children played on the swings and slides at the park.


Today, World Series Park is pretty much a "world class park" thanks to the efforts
dedication of Bob Davis and the World Series
Park Committee.
Ride by
the park any day
and you will either see a game being played,
or Bob Davis
out there mowing the grass,
raking the base paths, or setting the sprinklers to keep
the field neat, clean, and safe for the players and spectators.
A great big THANK YOU to Bob for everything he has done,
and continues to do,
at World Series Park.

The Public is welcome to use WSP Tot Park any day.

World Series Park always welcomes donations and help from volunteers
for the upkeep of the park
and assistance with the various events. 
contact Bob Davis at (781) 233 - 4555


Memorial Tree Dedication June 9, 2007 at World Series Park
Present at the ceremony were the donors, recipients and their families.
8 trees were planted at World Series Park last fall as part of a program to
beautify the park. 
The trees grown at the Saugus Tree Farm were
donated by the Saugus Tree Committee. 
Individuals donated
to the park to have a tree dedicated to a loved one.




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