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Saugus Veterans War Memorial Park Wall PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 June 2015

Saugus Veterans War Memorial Wall Park

Saugus Veterans War Memorial Wall Park Committee
Marty Graney, Chairman     (781) 941-0861

Committee meetings are held on the 
first Wednesday of every month
at the Saugus American Legion, 44 Taylor Street.  Meetings begin at 7:00 pm

The Public is welcome.


Go Fund Me Page

The Committee has established a fundraising page on Go Fund Me. 
To access the page, visit


The Saugus Veterans Wall Monument Park
located at the corner of Winter and Central Streets
will feature eight memorial stones, one each to honor
veterans of the following military conflicts:

(please note the generous sponsors who have agreed to fund
the creation
and installation of these monuments)

American Civil War  
(Saugus Lion's Club)

Spanish American War

World War I  
(Saugus Rotary Club)

World War II  
(Sonny's Glass)

Korean War  

(Sin City Cycles)

Persian Gulf and Cold War  
(Army Barracks)

Global War on Terror   (J & M Italian American Cuisine )


To support the installation and maintenance of the project,
the Committee is selling sponsorship bricks and challenge coins.

The sponsorship bricks will line the center walkway through the newly installed
monuments and serve as a place of support and reflection for Saugus veterans,
their families and supporters.  The cost of the bricks ranges from $100 - $500

click here to view / print the Order Form for Bricks 

The challenge coins are being sold for $10 each

The Committee is also seeking in-kind donations such as labor and materials. 
Particularly needed are brick masons and materials.

To purchase a sponsorship brick or challenge coin,
or for information on how to
support the Saugus Veterans Wall Monument Park,
call the Saugus American Legion  (781) 233-9706  ext. 2

Click here to view / print the FLYER for this group 


A challenge coin is a small medallion primarily used in the military. 
It bears the organization’s emblem and is carried by members. 
Historically they were given to prove membership and to enhance morale. 
Now they are mostly collected by service members and veterans,
and they are exchanged for special recognition or visits to organizations. 
Here is a link with more information:


The Town of Saugus and the Saugus Veteran Wall Committee is currently
upgrading the Saugus Veteran Wall Park to include black granite monuments
highlighting the service of Saugus veterans during the following war eras:
American Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II,
Korean War, Vietnam, Persian Gulf and Cold War, Global War on Terror.

The first installation occurred on November 11, 2014 thanks to a private
donation from the XXX family.  A proud Korean war veteran, XXX inspired
the Veteran Wall Committee to further dedicate stones and seek funding
to embrace all periods of service in one setting to be visited annually
by the Veterans and Memorial Day Parades.

Since that time, local businesses and organizations have volunteered
their time and money to make the Veterans Park vision a reality.

The remaining stones are slated for installation and dedication on
Veterans Day 2015 in a special ceremony to coincide with the holiday.

For more information on this project, please contact
Kristine Foye    

Marty Graney, Chairman     (781) 941-0861

Saugus American Legion (781) 233-9706


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