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ANIMAL ARTIFACTS at Breakheart Reservation
June 24, 2019 (1:00 pm)

MEET AT THE BEACH at Breakheart Reservation
June 26, 2019 (3:00 pm)

FOREST WALK at Breakheart
June 27, 2019 (6:00 pm)

READ TO LYDIA THE COMFORT DOG at Saugus Public Library
July 2, 2019 (3:00 pm)

TOE JAM PUPPET BAND fun at the Saugus Public Library
July 11, 2019 (3:00 pm)

PLANETARIUM AT THE LIBRARY! at Saugus Public Library
July 18, 2019 (10:00 am)

July 22, 2019 (6:00 pm)

SUPERHERO VISITS! at the Saugus Public Library
August 1, 2019 (3:30 pm)

READ TO LYDIA THE COMFORT DOG at Saugus Public Library
August 6, 2019 (3:00 pm)

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Event: 'Saugus Babe Ruth Baseball SIGN-UPS'

Date: Monday, March 25, 2019 At 06:00 PM
Duration: 1 Day
Contact Info:
Bob Gratiano - Treasurer (781) 520-0536

Saugus Babe Ruth Sign-ups for the 2019 Season

Final Sign-ups will be held at the Fox Hill Yacht Club on Ballard Street

Monday March 25 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Any Saugus resident 13, 14, or 15 years of age is eligible to sign up.
12 year-olds that donít qualify for Little League are eligible for Babe Ruth

The season is scheduled to start April 4
The cost for the season is $175 per player.
After teams are picked, uniforms and a game schedule will be issued.

The 2019 Saugus Babe Ruth season will take on a whole new look.
A special opening game event, all-star teams competing
in the district and possibly state tournaments,
and lots of special theme games will be part of the upcoming season.

Most games will be played at World Series Park,
which is celebrating its 15th season.

Matt Marcom - Saugus Babe Ruth President

Ed Azzari - Vice President

Bob Gratiano - Treasurer (781) 520-0536

Tom Falasca - Player Agent

League Secretary - Paul Ventre (781) 913-7834

Assistant coaches are needed.

Team sponsors are being sought. Businesses or individuals who would
like to sponsor a team should contact Bob Gratiano (781) 520-0536

If you would like to advertise your business on our FACEBOOK page,
please contact Bob Gratiano (781) 520-0536 Donation is $75.00
Your advertisement will run from April 1 thru September 1, 2019

We are committed to player safety and teaching good sportsmanship

We look forward to an amazing season of baseball

Saugus Babe Ruth has a long history and tradition of providing more opportunity
for playing baseball in Saugus.
All Saugus young people are welcome to play.

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